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Accumulators run for 4 months, their criteria changes from one period to the next.

  Wednesday, min. of 6 tables to play for Jackpot
2012 to 2016 Archive
11/1/17 100 .R McKinnon & I. Patrick
8/2/17 100 .N Fell & P Maiolani
15/3/17 100 S Male & M Silverdale
17/5/17 100 M Lovat & M Silverdale
5/7/17 100 A MacLeod & M MacCallum
16/8/17 100 A Macdonald & G Murray
                                    Thursday, Winners overall and handicapped winners share 50p per player.                    
Prize Money   Prize Money winners last week (9/10/17) (money is for each player) Previous week(2/10/17), the amount shown is for each player.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Teams
4 A Cook
A Macdonald
3 A Mercer
P Warlow
7 D Gerrard
D Diamond
4 C Outred & N Guthrie
I Macintyre & P Maiolani
4 C Ferguson
R McKinnon
3 E Paterson
H Freedman
    1 P Hodgson & W Nelson
R Clow & M McGinley
2 A Cram
R Blin
1 A Livingstone
L Geneen
2 S O'Neil
E Riddell
1 M Robinson
I Howie
        3 J Fitzpatrick
J Kelly
        3 C Clark
S Going
        2 A Livingstone
R Geneen
        2 H Young
A Main
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Teams
5 A Gordon
D Shenkin
3 J Fitzpatrick
E Hinson
3 A Macdonald
K Rae
5 C Outred & N Guthrie
J McMenemy & P Maiolani
5 C Ferguson
R McKinnon
3 A Livingstone
L Geneen
3 D France
B Brown
2 V Goldwater & J Brown
E Paterson & H Freedman
2 A Cook
A Macdonald
2 E Steel
H Garvie
2 M McGinley
R Clow
2 A Crawford
D France
2 J Cochrane
E Riddell
2 P Bennett
R Brown
1 D Cree
D Young
1 B Woolfson
D Young
        3 G Simpson
J Adams
        3 S Inshaw
V Goldwater
        1 N Grossman
N Haase
        1 E Steel
R Macrae

Monday     2017 Kevin Strathern & Nat Fell
2nd: V Goldwater & M Tyre
3rd: D Shenkin & A Gordon
Russell Frame & Alan Brodie
2nd: M Diamond & D Diamond
Avril Sloane & Stephanie Silverstone
2nd: L Hay & K Kearney
Katie Wolfson  & Edna Paterson
2nd: Malcolm & Anne Tyre
Tuesday     2016 Mike McGinley & Laura Middleton
2nd: A Macdonald & G Murray
3rd: A Lamont & J Paice
Charles Fogelman & Joe Fell
2nd: A Macdonald & G Murray
Cathy Ferguson & Joyce Benson
2nd: L Hay & K Kearney
Malcolm & Anne Tyre
Wed pm     2015 Shirish Chotai & Les Verth
2nd: D Shenkin & R Blin
Raymond Levitus & Alec Cram
2nd: A Macdonald & G Murray
Cathy Ferguson & Michele Alexander
2nd: F Glekin & K Kearney
Malcolm & Anne Tyre
2nd: A Fanning & A Hutchison
Wednesday     2014 Gerry Murray & Angus Macdonald
2nd=: D & H Kane
2nd=: J McMenemy & P Maolani
Jim Forsyth & Nigel Guthrie Cathy Ferguson & Laura Middleton Meudwen Henderson & Doreen Harvey
2nd: C Aronson & L Weingarten
Thursday     2013 Mike McGinley & Michele Gladstone
2nd: I Patrick & P Maiolani
Angus Macdonald & Gerry Murray Michele Alexander & Joyce Benson  
      2012 Jim McMenemy & Iain Macintyre
2nd: M Livingstone & A Livingstone
Mike McGinley & Steve Male Ileen Macgregor & Christine Gray  
2015     2011 Paul Maiolani & Ian Patrick
M Silverdale & S Male
A Cook & C Gray
Nigel Guthrie & Mike Alexander
R Moore & I Burn
Adrianne Cook & Christine Gray
J Fulton & C Ferguson
Monday     2010

Ian Howie & Michele Gladstone
2nd: M Silverdale & S Male

Issy Hyman & Gerald Black
2nd: M McGinley & S Male
Michele Alexander & Joyce Benson
2nd: K Kearney & L Hay
Tuesday     2009 Russell Frame & Len Gray
P Maiolani  & A Gordon
Angus Macdonald & Bobby Moore
I Howie & M McGinley
Michele Alexander & Joyce Benson
M Hill & F Murphy
Wed pm     2008

Gerry Murray & Ileen McGregor
2nd: P Maiolani & N Fell

Bob McKinnon & Paul Maiolani Adrianne Cook & Christine Gray  
Wednesday     2007

Ian Howie & Mike McGinley
2nd: C Outred & V Outred
3rd: I McIntyre & J Logue

Ian Howie & Mike McGinley
Marion Hill & Frances Murphy
J Forsyth, R McKinnon, A Gordon & N Fell
2nd: R Moore, P Barton, N McGeagh & A McGeagh
Thursday     2006

Harry Caraher & Angus Macdonald
2nd: M McGinley & I Howie
3rd: G Murray & A Forsyth

Len Gray & Russell Frame
2nd D Gerrard & A Kaludercic
Adrianne Cook & Christine Gray
2nd F Glekin & S Shenkin
I Howie, M McGinley, R Levitus & A Cram
2nd: A Macdonald, A Cook, C Gray & B Wolfson

Adrianne Cook & Angus Macdonald
2nd: N Blair & B McCubbin
3rd: B Struthers & A Crawford

Len Gray & Russell Frame
2nd: P Barton & N McGeagh
Adrianne Cook & Christine Gray
2nd: S Black & L Butler
2014     2004

Helen McEwing & Ivan Bruce
2nd: P Mathieson & A Tolley
3rd: K Brown & H Vickers

Bob McKinnon & Robert Grubb
2nd: B Spears & D Diamond
Mary Auld & Davna Young
2nd: G Jacobson & S Winocour
I Howie, M McGinley, R McKinnon & R Grubb
2nd: D Diamond, B Spears, R Diamond & A Fell
Monday     2003

Sidney Fineman & Toby Fineman
2nd: K Brown & H Vickers
3rd: R Moore & P Barton

Bob McKinnon & Robert Grubb
2nd: W Taylor & I Hyman
Mary Auld & Davna Young
2nd: M Brown & C Gray
C Gray, M Brown, L Gray & R Frame
Tuesday     2002        
Wed pm     2001

John McMonagle & Roy Bennett
2nd: N Fell & J Forsyth
3rd: W Taylor & P Brazil

Mike McGinley & Norman McGeagh
2nd: S Fineman & B Wolfson
3rd: K Brown & H Vickers
Adrianne Cook & Muriel Fowles
2nd: P Mathieson & A Tolley
3rd: P Gillman & I Bretman
Wed eve     2000

Norman Freedman & Charles Fogleman
2nd: B Spears & S Ka
3rd: B Struthers & A Crawford

Bertie Wolfson & Sidney Fineman
2nd: A Brodie & R Frame
Morag Malcolm & Christine Gray
2nd: F Glekin & P Brazil
Thursday     1999 Alex Cram & Alan Brodie
2nd: K Brown & H Vickers
3rd: R Frame & B Keen
Ken Brown & Harry Vickers
2nd: J McMenemy & M McGinley
3rd: J Logue & L Gray
Pat Brazil & Flora Glekin
2nd: G Jacobson & S Winocour